No rules! Parenting without authority.

Our 5-year-old lives in a house without rules. No rules?! What kind of anarchy is that?! The best kind. We replaced rules with values. We honor other people and their feelings, we honor a life free of violence and filled with love, we honor our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. And thus, our behavior… Continue reading No rules! Parenting without authority.

Braving it. How to Raise a Courageous Child.

“The very word comes from the heart. Coeur is the French word for heart. It’s important to remember that this isn’t stuff that comes from the brain; it also comes from the gut.” Warren Bennis “I’m nervous but mostly excited.” uttered Ollie, five years old, behind a smile as we waited for the boarding call… Continue reading Braving it. How to Raise a Courageous Child.