Please take a look at the services I offer. I operate within the gift economy, meaning there is no price attached to what I do, although that does not necessarily mean it’s free. Think about your forms of capital, what you are abundant in that you can offer, to me, to your community, and to the world.

As we journey with TheVTeamTour, our primary needs involve a place to park overnight where we can sleep inside the van and feel that we are expressly authorized to be there. A bathroom and the ability to take a shower are invaluable. Books on kindle or physical form for children or adults are always welcomed. Moleskin notebooks, lined are precious. Vegan meals extended to us, or fresh produce and fruits are amazing to receive. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is expensive and critical for us. Offering to organize and start a chapter of Chilis on Wheels instantly makes you family, as does you sharing about your own work with unschooled Ollie. Tours of workplaces tend to be super cool. Cooking food and passing it on to people that need it, is part of the community that we are trying to create.  Passing on acts of kindness, or empowering community are the reason that we do this. Our service to you does not require a payment to us. Connecting us to people that dream and live in the same wavelength as we do is crucial for both of us. And finally, of course we take money too, it helps us put gas on the van, and purchase foods and the occasional places to park (in campgrounds and motels) and do mechanic work on the very old van. Here is the link for that. You get to decide the value of what we offer, and you get to decide how to make that gift cycle on. There are infinite ways!

Talk on Veganism
I will deliver a talk on veganism to your group, organization, employment, community. What is veganism? Why should we go vegan? How does veganism affect your health, the animals, the environment? For an in-person talk please visit to check out our location and request a stop. For a Skype talk, please contact me to set up a date and discuss the details.  Email

Talk on Community Building
I will present a talk to your group, organization, employment, community, on the importance of Community Building as a way to succeed and thrive in this world. I explore the way connectors are important, and the way communities extend and support one another. For an in person talk, please visit to check out our location and request a stop. For a Skype talk, please get in touch to set a date and discuss details. Email

Consultation on Unschooling
I will explain what Unschooling is, answer any questions, listen to your situation and present an Unschooling solution. How do we facilitate learning for our children? I will present you with alternatives. If you live in NY State, I can also explain the state requirements.

Consultation on Veganism
I will give you advice and starting points for transitioning to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle, including sending you some recipes!

Consultation on Van Life
I will help you explore if van living is right for you. What to consider, how to outfit a van, how to approach it, how to plan it, where to park, how to live it authentically. Van life is not just for the wealthy,  it can be put into service for others.

Consultation on Living a Life of Service
Want to do something for yourself but are unsure how to incorporate the greater good into your vision? I can help you with that.

I translate documents Spanish/English. Experience with legal translation, non-profit, and marketing.

I will cook a vegan meal to you and your community! Contact me for locations and dates!

House Sitting
Ollie and I will stay in your house while you’re away, clean it, water your plants, pick up your mail, feed and walk your animal companions, guard your place while you are gone, and take care of anything you need while we are there! Contact me for dates!