michelle interviewMichelle Carrera is a queer Puerto Rican vegan food justice activist. She founded Chilis on Wheels in 2014, making veganism accessible to communities in need; and the Casa Vegana de la Comunidad in Puerto Rico in 2018, a vegan sustainability house which also hosts a microsanctuary. She is on the Board of Directors of Microsanctuary Resource Center.

She was co-founder of Latinos for Animal Protection in 2009 which served animal protection organizations in Latin America, and organized a Vegan Latinos in NYC Meetup which fundraised for Latin American vegan organizations from 2015-2017.

She is a professional translator and writer and currently lives with her human unschooled child, rescued dog, and chicken companions.

She sometimes writes on parenting, activism, and justice on http://www.granolatron.com. And personal reflections can be found in Veganism in an Oppressive World; and in Food Justice: a Primer both produced by Sanctuary Publishers.

Michelle practices radical authenticity, and is passionate about a number of subjects, including community building, justice, minimalism, meditation, unschooling, decolonization, anti-capitalism, and finding the corners where Venn diagram circles intersect.

Ollie interview Ollie, a vegan since birth has participated in various animal rights, environmental and social justice protests and marches. He loves to talk about veganism and saving animals. When asked what his purpose in life is, he replies “To be a Good Guy”. Ollie is an integral part of Chilis on Wheels, helping throughout the entire process of cooking, packing, and distributing the vegan chili.  The face of Chilis on Wheels, Ollie loves Minecraft, and other video games, making trashy art, and cooking.