michelle interviewMichelle Carrera is a Puerto Rican vegan activist. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Chilis on Wheels, which makes veganism accessible to communities in need; and Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, which provides vegan and sustainability workshops at no cost to the community, is the host of Chilis on Wheels volunteers and houses a microsanctuary of rescued chickens. She started and organized a Vegan Latinos of NYC Meetup from 2015-2017 which fundraised for vegan organization in Latin America. Michelle is also a Board Member of The Microsanctuary Movement. Michelle is a freelance translator and writer, and unschooling mother to her vegan son, Ollie.


Ollie interview Ollie, a vegan since birth has participated in various animal rights, environmental and social justice protests and marches. Ollie is an integral part of Chilis on Wheels, and enjoys public speaking.  The face of Chilis on Wheels, Ollie loves video games and history.

To make a tax-deductible donation to Chilis on Wheels, please visit: www.chilisonwheels.org 

For inquiries related to unschooling, activism, or vegan food, please email: granolatron@gmail.com

For Chilis on Wheels inquiries, please email: michellec@chilisonwheels.org


I was interviewed by Bob Linden on Go Vegan Radio for my work with Chilis on Wheels. This excerpt talks about raising a vegan child and child activist. Check it out!



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